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World Listening Day: Long Pond, Massachusetts

Long Pond, recorded for World Listening Day.
Long Pond, recorded for World Listening Day.

Massachusetts, USA – a visit to Long Pond, a tranquil setting if ever we saw one.

Nick Campbell sent us this pair of recordings for World Listening Day, his reimagining taking on the rhythm of the waves and transporting it somewhere new, as he explains:

“For the reimagined sound, I played with the effects of reverb and distortion on the water.”

“There’s obviously a rhythm that waves have, and that became more pronounced when it was manipulated.”

“I realized the resulting sound had an effect like going into a tunnel on a train.”

“So I recorded a ride I took on a subway train in San Francisco and used that as a counter point – the distorted waves turning into the sound of an underground train, back into waves.”

City version:


Memory version: