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Electronic Catania fish market

The Catania fish market (pescheria) in action.
The Catania fish market (pescheria) in action.
We’re just back from two weeks in Sicily, touring round the island and capturing field recordings everywhere from volcanic islands to Greek temples.

Today’s sound comes from the city of Catania, and its famous pescheria (fish market).

The Catania fish market is an extraordinary multi-sensory experience, with the sights and smells only matched by the sonic chaos of vendors bellowing out prices, names of fish and more in a mixture of Italian and Sicilian dialect.

This tour around the fish market is an extremely rich field recording capturing something of the experience of being there.

The reimagined sound takes this in a distinctly electronic direction, piling up sedimentary layers of synth washes before building multiple patterns of euphoric beats to echo some of the pure excitement and life of the original location.

City version:


Memory version: