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Utopia B2: Upon a lonely beach in No-Place

Utopia section B2
Utopia section B2

Today’s Utopian sound comes from Ian Haygreen, who imagined himself alone on one of Utopia’s many beaches.

Upon a lonely beach in No-Place – Ian Haygreen, Ridgwell, UK

“I picked grid reference B2 which was a desolate looking coastal region with nothing in it of note.

I used various recordings taken on holiday in Cornwall for the sound of the sea, played at different pitches.

I used a VST for the wind to suggest the isolation of the place. I also used a public domain recording of seagulls since I didn’t have any myself. T

The deep noise in the first 7 minutes is a sound of a chain rattling but played in the lower octaves and suitably treated – I wanted to suggest that some fantastical large sea creature was moving off shore. I also added what sounds like ships horns in the distance towards the end of the piece.

The sound of church bells appear towards the end, again in the distance, to suggest the large city in grid B3 is just over the horizon.”