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Utopia C3: Seven minutes in northern Utopia

Utopia: C3
Utopia: C3

Today’s contribution to Utopia takes us right into the very centre of the country, courtesy of Chicago’s Lee Barry.

Seven Minutes in Northern Utopia, Behind The Third Eye – Lee Barry, Chicago, USA

“My approach was to construct a virtual soundscape, as it would have been experienced in the 16th century.

There are constant non-pitched ambient sounds emanating in the foreground (late-summer cicadas, wind) and background (church bells and voices).

In the first few minutes a bell rings in the immediate foreground, then activities are heard within the grounds around what could be a school.

The church bells at the north end of the island begin ringing. A storm approaches and the bells grow louder.

There is a civic debate going on in earshot, just loud enough to be a foreground element, competing with cicadas and a brisk wind in the foreground as ambience.

My plot of Utopia is also in the third-eye chakra area of the “skull”, hence the title.”