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Utopia D2 and D3: rural Utopia

Random Order Collective and Simon Lebel are our guides through the next two sections of the Utopian map, wandering through the Utopian countryside.

A trip down the river – Random Order Collective, UK/USA/Germany

“There wasn’t too much info within our little square, but researching Thomas More’s Utopia suggested that it was likely farm land – an important part of the synchronicity of life on the island.

The book also gave a clue that downstream, just outside the main city walls, where D2 is located, is where the livestock slaughtering/butchering would take place.

Using these pieces of info, the composition is simply a trip downstream along the river, capturing a bit of the cycle of life that goes on here.”


A rural Utopian summer – Simon Lebel, Lille, France

“I made a composition of nature field recordings gathered by myself this summer. They’re untouched for most of them.

The track evolves in time, like during a day. The Utopians’ presence is materialised by some vaporous cowbells…”