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Utopia D6: Two takes on Utopia’s seas

We’re exploring Utopia’s southern coast today, with two takes on coastal soundscapes from two artists exposed to very different coasts in California and East Anglia in the UK.

On the Seas of Utopia – Richard Fair, Norwich, UK

“At sea, the ship creaks as it makes its way to Utopia. Even in this perfect place the sea can be perilous and the waves thud ominously against the hull.

But we’ll make it and all will be well.

While the music gives a sense of calm, the roll of the sea leaves you in no doubt that all that keeps you from the water are carefully crafted staves of wood.”


A Californian Seaside Community – John Morin, Sausalito, USA

“This piece was inspired by my local soundscape of Sausalito, CA.

In this small, California sea-side community, the air is thick with the sounds of rustling sails, creaking/cracking mooring ropes and gentle waves lapping against the rocks.”