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Utopia E2: Amaurot, Aberystwyth, Australia

Today, artists from Sydney and Montreal give us their take on section E2 of the Utopia map.

Amaurot Soundscape – Eric Boivin, Montreal, Canada

“I read some sections of Utopia for inspiration.

I mostly checked parts about its cities, but it was mostly about Amaurot [the capital city]. I looked further, hoping find more detail information on them when I stopped at a section about the religions of the Utopians.

It gave me some idea and I stated looking for some sounds that can be associated with section E2 of the grid and also, about what I just read. I manipulated and mixed field recording tracks, found sounds and music of my own to create this atmospheric collage piece.”


Aberystwyth, Australia, Utopia – Colin Black, Sydney, Australia

“This work has chiefly been created by combining hydrophone recordings made just off the coast of Aberystwyth (UK) with filtered recordings of the Manly Ferry travelling from Sydney to Manly in Australia.

The metallic sounds are meant to evoke a sense of land and the building that occupy the lower left-hand side of map grid co-ordinates E2 of Utopia, while the water sounds obviously represents the stretch of water between the island and the mainland.”