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Awenda Park – a ‘super field recording’

Here’s a ‘super field recording’ piece based on Awenda park in Ontario, Canada.

Rob Bertola sent in the original field recording, which is a straightforward and peaceful recording from inside the park, with gentle birdsong, the sounds of children playing and (I’m told) even some sounds of chipmunks scurrying around.

For the reimagined version, we dispensed with all notions of ‘artificial’ sound design and just tried to create a new place, a feasible soundscape, from the relatively subtle additions of field recordings from other locations.

Thus, in our ‘super field recording’, you can hear additions from locations in Sicily (waves on a beach in Scopello), Seville (birds in the gardens of the Alcazar Palace), Oxford (my local geese and seagulls) and South Africa (something from the Skilpadloof reserve).

It’s a potentially feasible new soundscape, but one that’s composed from various places around the world.

City version:

Memory version: