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Nantes: the haunted swing

Nantes, France – Gavin Prior sent us this recording from the back yard of a restaurant, with a distinctively creaking playground swing in action – regular contributor Mark Taylor imagined the swing as a haunted relic, and explains how he transformed the sound.

“This was created by chopping up the original and processing the various fragments through granular sampler transformers in Reaktor 5. Only the original field recording was used; no other sounds were added.

  • Travelizer was used to introduce elements of pitch to the piece
  • Random Step Shifter was used to add extra rhythmic elements.
  • Grainstates was the ensemble used to create the general background ebb and flow + the ‘new’ swing sound.

The final mix was processed through a chain of modules in Native Instrument’s Guitar Rig and then mastered with Izotope Ozone 4.”

City version:


Memory version: