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Sounds from the Ponte dell’Accademia, Venice

venice-920864_640Trying to restore some sense of normality after the horrible result of the EU referendum here in the UK, I took my laptop down to the river and, as I often do in times of disturbance, returned to the sounds of Venice to rebalance and comfort myself.

The sound I chose was a recording crossing one of the four bridges across the Grand Canal, the wooden Ponte dell’Accademia, with tourists and children walking back and forth on a showery day in September.

I’ve tried to build a piece that’s serene and calm around the field recording, trying to recreate a little of the inner calm that Venice brings me, as we attempt to deal with the biggest political upheaval of our generation here in the UK.

It brought me half an hour of serenity, at least, and I hope it brings you a few minutes of listening pleasure.

City version:


Memory version: