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Power Gateway (Tower Gateway)

Tower Gateway, central London – and the sound of exiting a station while the Oyster travel card fails repeatedly to scan on the way out. From such humble origins, two great reimagined pieces.

City version:

We begin with Nazar Ali Khan’s ‘Power Gateway’:

“The vibrancy of London is caught and stored in its everyday sounds, ready to be unlocked by the traveler and reimagined as their last night on the dance floor from the bass frequencies, found sounds and voices heard on their journey.

“The original Tower Gateway sound file was manipulated in real time using Ableton Live.

“Samples and loops were extracted from the manipulated file and played live with beats in Ableton.”

Memory version by Nazar Ali Khan:

Next up, Stephane Marin’s take on the same recording:

“When I heard for the first time this recording I definitely felt very excited to compose with these very loud sub bass and all these rhythmic patterns which hit my ears immediately.

“I wished to revealed some of the musical potential of this raw field recording but also delving it deeper into a kind of cyber-punk space…”

Memory version by Stephane Marin: