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We’re going to Wembley

Way up in the north-west of London, by the famous football stadium, is Wembley Central station – here we disembark at around 10.30pm after a long day in the capital.

City version:

First up, an atmospheric take from Eric Boivin:

“I started building this piece by separating into different fractions, sounds of the Wembley Central field recording track that I did find interesting.

“Afterward, I proceed to manipulate, looped and mixed those parts with found sounds and my own music to produce this atmospheric track.”

Memory version by Eric Boivin:

Next, a more upbeat version by James Mann, who writes:

“The dynamic range of sound and energy at Wembley is electric and constant.

“Swirling through footsteps, departures, and announcements I looked to create a tangible movement behind all of the sound.

“The result was HA9, an organic house styled track using analog sounds and spliced samples from train announcements as their own rhythms.

“My goal was to tap into an emotive and deeper meaning behind all of the surface activity.”

Memory version by James Mann: