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Belgrade, Serbia – the ‘super sonic city’

Today it’s the second of three pieces by Serbian artist Manja Ristic – this one comes from Belgrade in Serbia, and is actually the second reimagined sound we have of Belgrade’s tram system.

Manja writes:

“Belgrade is a super sonic city.
“Very loud, derelict monster with some of the craziest urban anthropologies in Europe, meaning sound is bouncing everywhere.
“Also public transportation is diverse, and trams are next to trolley buses part of the city identity. Tram no 2 is a circle line, and an old posh saying says that you are not from Belgrade if you live outside of the tram no 2 circle.”
“I am fascinated with the polyphony of coexistence, traffic and an old vehicles, so this miniature is dedicated to a good old red tram no 2.”
City version:

Memory version: