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Roundup : free sonic gifts for Christmas

As is typical at this time of year, your favourite musical software companies come over all Father Christmas and offer some freebies alongside the traditional sales and discounts.

There have been some great free effects and instruments this year – so here’s a quick roundup of four unmissable giveaways to be had this week.

Estey Pedal Organ

This is a free instrument based on a high-top Grand Salon pump organ, which runs in Native Instruments’ free Kontakt player. Normally 59 euros, it’s free from Sonic Couture until 31 December 2016.

Kinetic Treats

Native Instruments are offering this quirky free instrument, which uses a tiny ballerina and a toy robot to form a fascinating, mysterious and fun user interface for this instrument built from the sound of vintage children’s toys.


A multi-band resonant filter plugin, free for Christmas from Audiothing.


Another free plugin, this time from Arturia, who are giving away this excellent Moog-based minifilter – a must-have, but the offer’s only open until 25 December.

Know of any others? Let us know in the comments.