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Cities and Memory: exhibition in Budapest

Arts Quarter BudapestWe’re delighted to say that a new, adapted version of our Sound Waves project is currently being exhibited at Arts Quarter Budapest in Hungary.

The Liquid exhibition brings together UK artists and Hungarian artists whose work focuses on water through the media of film, photography and sonic work, curated by UK artist Laura Denning.

Liquid was first exhibited at Cleveland Pools in Bath as part of Fringe Arts Bath 2016, and the exhibition now comes to AQB in Budapest from 11 to 24 February 2017.

Cities and Memory: Liquid is an immersive, physical installation in which the audience can interact physically with the sounds in the exhibition space by moving between the ‘city’ documentary field recordings and the ‘memory’ reimagined sounds.

In this way, they can explore the relationship between the real and the imagined sounds of water, and how sonic memory can differ from what we hear at any given time or place.

Sound Waves