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Drums in the Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven Park, Beijing, China: A mass singalong taking place in the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, captured by Mark Wilden.

Long-time contributor Tim Waterfield (AKA Karhide) has given this an excellent, technical beat-driven recomposition, which he describes like this:

” The remix started out with creating multiple tracks of building drones and glitches using the Objeq Delay by Applied Acoustic Systems and Valhalla Room by ValhallaDSP.

“These were then split in to two types of drones the first was made up of the full field recording and then the second was shorter chopped up looped sections.

“Finally I created a beat using the D16 Group Drumazon and added additional processing to the beat with Dmitry Sches Tantra.”

DAW: Reaper
Plugins Used:

  • D16 Group – Drumazon
  • Applied Acoustic Systems – Objeq Delay
  • ValhallaDSP – Valhalla Room
  • Dmitry Sches – Tantra
  • Cockos – XComp
  • Stillwell Audio – Event Horizon

City version:

Memory version: