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Frightening drones in Taipei City

Frightening drones in Taipei City
25th August 2017 Cities and Memory

A protest from 2011 in Taipei City, Taiwan, recorded by Tsan-Cheng Wu: “a protest against the head of the police in violation of the Constitution.

“Many students and people gathered in front of the‭ ‬police station, and asked the head of the police to come out to explain.”

City version:

This sound was reimagined by Marco Maril, who spotted a particular sound in the  recording he wanted to focus on:

“When I first listen to the original recording I was struck by a low-frequency drone sound that remained omnipresent in the background. My first step was to isolate that sound and from there I started to build my piece.

“All other sounds belong to the original recording and have been processed to a greater or lesser extent.

“Just the sound of the kick drum comes from a Buchla synth, the rest is part of the Taipei City protest field recording.”

Memory version: