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No walls around Europe!

Bremen, Germany, and a protest against racism and strict EU/Germany migration laws.

Recordist Pedro Oliveira, who captured the sounds, tells us that “protesters are chanting “Um Europa keine Mauern – Bleiberecht für alle und auf Dauer!” (“No walls around Europe – Permanent right to stay for everyone!”)”

City version:


The recording was recomposed by Drew Bluetree, who writes of his approach:

“I chose the source material because it had several interesting elements in it – a drum rhythm, a melodic piece, spoken voices and a rhythmic protest chant.

“I decided to recreate the drum rhythm and use this as the foundation of the track. After some experimenting I decided it would go well with a bouncy techno groove.

“I then sliced small snippets of vocal grunts out of the source sample and arranged these in tribal stabs to get a nice call and response feel. I took some slices of the melody (“When the Saints Go Marching In”) and created something new with the notes.

“I used the protest chant as a chorus and emotional “heart” of the track. It was lots of fun to play with the source material and take it somewhere new!”

Memory version: