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The ski lift to heaven

A wintry trip into the Dolomites of Italy today as we record a trip on a ski lift at Passo Rolle, close to San Martino di Castrozza.

It’s a peaceful sound, with the swooshing of skis underneath punctuating the gentle whirr and clunk of the ski lift mechanism above – as an added bonus, here’s a video taken on the same ski lift to give you an impression of the place.

Here’s the field recording taken on the ski lift:

City version:

For the recomposed sound, the ski lift on this beautifully sunny day up in the Dolomites has been reimagined as a lift transporting the listener directly up into heaven.

The sound of the lift clanking away on its cable has been used to create a rhythm, around which various instruments made from glass (a Cristal Bachet and Cloud Chamber Bowls) intertwine to create the airy, celestial feeling of our ski lift to heaven.

Memory version: