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Sounds from the Strait of Messina

A beautiful soundscape from new contributor Biagio Laponte, who sent us this composition from the Strait of Messina in southern Italy.

The original field recording is a delicate soundscape of waves breaking on the shore, with a reimagined sound based on this coming from his wider project titled Morgana”.

Biagio says: “‘Morgana’ is a research work on the soundscape of the Costa Viola. Composed of two compositional layers, the sounds portray the breadth and depth of the landscape in a precise temporal space, fixing the beauty and the changing shapes of the sea waves and rocks.

“Natural elements far from the daily temporal perception adopted by man who open a gap to the dilation of time and imagination.

“On the natural sound layer the elements of sound synthesis follow the repetitive pattern and the external mechanical interventions, creating, from the apparently chaotic and atonal fusion, harmony and rhythm that unite our being in the present time to the natural landscape, its vibrations and its pulses.

“A research on a border landscape, the background of myths and ancient legends, a place still magical today, portrayed by sound art.”

City version:

Memory version: