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Ice hockey sounds: Nottingham Panthers vs. Belfast Giants

The sounds of ice hockey for you today, with a field recording from a recent match we attended in Nottingham. Ice hockey is an interesting sonic experience, from the crunch of body checks into the barriers, the skidding of ice, the thwack of the sticks and then the frequent bursts of music at every stoppage in play.

Definitely one of the more interesting sports to listen to, and here’s a short video clip from the match to give you some more context:

City version:

The reimagined sound was produced by Karhide, who was also in attendance at the same match and who writes:

“This is build up of a number of drones built with various filters and pitch shifters and then Melodyne was used to extract MIDI from one of the drones – which then triggered an instance of Ultra Analog by Applied Acoustic Solutions.

“A drum track was added and then it was mastered using Ozone 2 by iZotope.”

Memory version: