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The sound of Bolivia’s salt flats

An unusual sound for you today, as we hear the crunch of salt crystals underfoot, trekking across the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia, in this recording by Mark Wilden

Andy Lyon created this excellent reimagined version, and writes:

“Salar De Unuyi is the world’s largest salt flat. It conjures up an image of a vast expansive landscape where the reflections of the ground and horizon create almost mystical panoramas.

“The idea with the reimagining was to take the recording and process it with various reverbs and delays in a number of different samplers in Usine Hollyhock 3 to represent what I imagine it feels like to be there.

“One of the groove tools in Hollyhock 3 was used to create a train like rhythm near the start of the piece representing the train cemetery.

“The percussive sounds were produced using Ephemere (Inear Display) processed with SpecOps (Unfiltered Audio); the synth sound was produced in Predator 2 (Rob Papen) and processed with RP Verb 2 (Rob Papen) and Ultratap (Eventide). I’ve also used MangledVerb (Eventide) and processed everything with Litote (Inear Display). I’ve then mastered the song in MuLab using Elevate (Newfangled Audio) and Stage (Fiedler Audio).”

City version:

Memory version: