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Il Pianista FuoriPosto, Padova

Il Pianista FuoriPosto is a travelling pianist, who takes his grand piano all over the Veneto region in Italy, popping up in surprising places to perform for the public.

He doesn’t advertise where or when he’ll appear, so it’s a stroke of fortune to come across him and hear his wonderful music, as we did on this August evening in the Prato della Valle, Padova – see this video clip of our reimagined sound to take in some of the atmosphere.

City version:

For the reimagined version, snippets of his piano are looped and effected, slowly buried beneath reverb, delay and tape effects, while a small portion of his playing is extended to 300 times its normal length to create a micro-drone underneath the piece.

Later, multiple piano phrases come in on the left and right of the stereo field, jostling for attention as the piano piece completely transforms into a shimmering dreamscape.

Memory version: