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The cornfields of Connecticut

Wander through the cornfields of Connecticut, USA, with today’s soundscape from Michael Gatonska.

Sound artist Marco Colocci has reimagined the sound, and he invites us on a journey of imagination:

“I close my eyes and I’m lying in a cornfield. Through the senses I can perceive a world made of sounds, sounds that tell stories, sounds that create paths and trajectories.

“I stand up and I walk a path in front of me. I am confused, disoriented, the nuances of reality make up a maze through which it is easy to get lost, a maze of symbols that propagate out of time.

“The landscape shatters, reveals new textures and colours, showing us many possible interpretations of what we consider to be real, separate and distinct interpretations but coexisting with each other.

“Abandoning yourself to the maze is the only possible way to investigate and understand the existing, to recompose the fragments of a world in disintegration.

“The work was composed using granular synthesis techniques applied on the sample I chose for the composition. The results of this type of processing were then repassed within different types of resonator. The work is the result of an intense and exciting live session.”

City version:

Memory version: