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Up close with Hurricane Harvey

A remarkable sound today, as we hear Hurricane Harvey close up and personal with this recording by Timothy Grieve-Carlson, who writes:

“On the evening of Saturday, August 26, 2017, Hurricane Harvey brought a wave of strong thunderstorms into Houston before it eventually settled over the city for days of rain.

“As the thunder intensified, I placed a field recorder on my front porch. The recording sounds like a powerful storm in an urban area: thunder, wind, rain, and frogs, with the occasional car alarm and door slamming.”

The reimagined sound by Andy Lyon is no less remarkable.

“The recording was taken on a front porch during the massive and very damaging Hurricane Harvey and I’ve tried to capture some of the feelings, emotion and power unleashed by it.

“I’ve scoped the arrangement in Orb Composer and used Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions and British Drama Toolkit (Spitfire Audio) for instrumentation and Synthmaster One (KV331 Audio) layered against the recording.

“I’ve also processed the recording with Palindrome (Glitchmachines) and SpecOps (Unfiltered Audio) and layered this against the recording too, the sound was shaped by numerous Eventide effects – Blackhole, TVerb, Ultratap, H949 Dual Harmoniser, Ultrachannel.”

City version:

Memory version: