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Drumming with fireworks sounds

It’s time to celebrate, with fireworks sounds from New Year’s Eve.

Join us for a huge fireworks display held in Prato della Valle in Padova, Italy – the largest square in Italy, and one of the largest in Europe.

It’s midnight on New Year’s Eve 2018, and we enjoy an extensive display of various fireworks, recorded from close up in the crowd.

City version:

The reimagined version takes the percussive nature of fireworks as its basis, constructing a drum-led, percussive piece entirely from the original recording.

Every kick drum, snare, drone or melodic part in this piece is built from fireworks sounds, which appear as a coherent musical form out of the original field recording, before disappearing back into it at the close of the piece. Fireworks techno, anyone?

Memory version:

And here’s a bonus video made from slowed-down footage of the event, with our reimagined version as the soundtrack: