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Coming on Monday – Space is the Place

We’re delighted to say that our latest global project launches on Monday 1 July, and it takes us off the face of the planet!

Space is the Place is a unique collection of the sounds of space and space travel, created to mark the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings in July 2019.

The project combines 80 recordings from both NASA and the European Space Agency for the first time with reimagined, remixed interpretations of those space sounds, all designed to answer the question “what does space travel sound like?”

The project covers incredible sounds including:

– The Apollo 11 mission’s iconic radio transmissions from the Moon landings;
– Space walks and alarm calls from the International Space Station;
– Interstellar plasma and deep space “tsunami waves” recorded by Voyager;
– Fascinating radio emissions from Jupiter, Saturn, Ganymede and beyond;
– Rocket tests, shuttle flights and cutting-edge modern-day exploration equipment including the Mars Rover.

Covering everything from the first Sputnik beep to the sounds of the latest Mars Rovers via the iconic Apollo missions themselves, every space sound in the collection has been reimagined and recomposed by one of 80 artists from 21 countries around the world – creating an entirely new sound world built from the sounds of space.