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The sirens of San Vigilio

Today’s field recording is from beautiful Lake Garda in Italy, as waves lap against a small wooden quay at the picturesque Punta San Vigilio viewpoint.
Gentle waves crash in as a speedboat passes, which then grow along with the sounds of boatwash towards the end of the recording. Passing gulls contribute to the soundscape.
City version:

The remixed piece imagines what might happen if, like the stories of Greek mythology, the sirens actually lived on the centre of Lake Garda.
As the waves lap, we imagine ourselves on a boat crossing this grand lake, with the low-end synths representing the sound of our boat making the crossing.
Halfway across, we slowly hear the song of the sirens, low and quiet at first, before bursting fully into an angelic chorus that draws us inexorably closer, until eventually we begin to sink beneath the waves, until it’s quiet once more.
Memory version: