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Clanking chain sounds in Cyprus

Today we’re venturing into an abandoned mine to listen to some subterranean sounds of clanking chains and metal, as recorded by Marcel Gnauk. Though not particularly old, the rusted structures at these two abandoned mines stand like modern ghosts.

City version:

Alan Bleay has taken on the challenge of remixing these chains using their three-word location code of ///cribbing.throwing.speculates:

“The two words I used were “Cribbing” and “Speculates”. I tried to create a piece that reflected the claustrophobia of the space, and the transition to break out that leads to nothing but arrives at the acceptance of the space.

“All sounds used in this piece were made using the original source audio as a starting point for evolving manipulation.”

Memory version:

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash