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A windy morning in Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is famous for the Atlantic wind that blows through it all year round – here it is on a windy spring morning on the beach, forming part of our Three Words project.

City version:

This sound was reimagined by Italian band Foto di Gruppo, using the words ///populate.candy.impulse as inspiration – here they write about their creative process:

“The creative process started with the formation of a group where we shared feelings and emotions about the project and the audio file. The most used words were: sea, waves, wind.

“We thought of playing on the seashore, but our sea, although having similar connotations, differs in “geosynchronous”. We also thought of a hypothetical trip to Morocco in the place of audio recording, but even this idea was not convincing.

“We noticed, during the weeks of listening, that the audio track is part of an already completed present, frozen in a recording, but already passed, dead. Just like the memories inside us that, albeit vivid, the only luxury of life that can be granted is the slow unraveling of oblivion. We therefore took this audio as a fragment of an accomplished and dead present and let ourselves be pervaded by memory, by remembrance.

“The process of musical creation was based on the emotions that each of us reflected and communicated musically to the rest of the group during the first session.

“In those hours of rehearsals of the early evening, childhood emerged, the sweet melancholy, almost caramelized, candied we would say, of our first contact with the sea, of those sounds, waves, wind, sensations on the body and of that horizon that mark with this experience a before and after of human life. The feeling of remembrance and distance was not entirely satisfactory and was reflected in the sound of the sessions recorded during the first evening. We do not remember a moment several times in a row, if anything the appearance of a memory is an open door to new roads and sometimes imaginary paths.

“We therefore left the task of creating the memory of a memory at night, sleep and dreams. The following morning with the same spontaneity of the epiphanic moments we played and recorded what we remembered of our previous expressions.

“We expressed our being wrapped in the candied memory (candy) that is appreciated in the sound of the guitars.

“With the rhythmic session we let ourselves be swept away by the motion of the sea that drags the beats of each of us to make them our own and return them pervaded by the impetus and impulse of its waves and (impulsive) movements.

“In the post production process we added part of the audio track for a contrast, assonant? Dissonant? Here the answer we believe is only in each of us.”

Memory version: