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The sounds of AS Cittadella

Join us on the football field at a mid-table Serie B clash on a warm August evening between Cittadella and Cremonese – a drummer is stirring up the home ultras, who switch between periods of animated singing, excitable shouting to urge their team on and quieter moments. In the video clip below, you can see the home team tucking away a penalty to go 1-0 up during a different part of the match.

City version:

As part of our Three Words project, Dave Santorum reimagined this sound from Cittadella, using the what3words location ///deeply.adjusted.perform. He writes:

“The original recording was edited to remove the rhythms and drums, leaving only voices calling and urging players.

“One particular rhythm from the recording was sampled and forms the bed upon which all the other drums are played.

“I wanted to emulate the “Deeply” chest shaking excitement of a football match in an ambient piece. To this end the edited original recording was processed as a carrier for several different vocoders with adjustments causing significant variations to the original sounds.

“The “Perform” part of the three words was used to create the piece once the first stage of sound design was complete – the piece was played live and recorded into Ableton Live using Push and a Keystep.

“Bar the drums and bass parts, there are only three MIDI tracks in the whole piece, but each controls a minimum of three more instruments, making it easier to control all parts while being performed. Final stage sound design then took place, deeply adjusted to try to return some clarity to the piece!”

Memory version:

As an added bonus, here’s a clip from the match of the home fans celebrating the first goal going in: