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All the names we call the sun

A trip to the exotic Turks & Caicos Islands today, with a peaceful recording by Marcel Gnauk, as the ocean breaks on the beach at sunrise at Whitby on North Caicos.

City version:

You can’t hear the sunrise in this recording, but I’m sure a finely-tuned ear from the Turks & Caicos could identify these as early morning waves, as opposed to sunset or the middle of the day.

Anyhow, imagining the sun breaking over the ocean, this could only be an uplifting piece that itself breaks out over the wave sounds.

To set myself a thematic challenge, I’ve only used instruments from my library that contain the word “sun” – so here you can hear synths called Sunrise, Blue Sun, Eternal Sunrise, Coastline Sunset and Hexagon Sun.

Memory version: