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Do you have a voice on the New York subway?

We’re back on the New York subway today, on a journey from 72nd Street – in this recording, you can hear one train leaving as we remain on the platform to catch the second arrival.

Once on board the train, we hear the distinctive beeps of doors closing, and the general chatter in the carriage accompanied by the thunder of tracks passing beneath us.

City version:

Giovanna Iorio took a fascinating approach to reimagining this field recording, which really takes it to a new place:

“I reimagined the New York subway sound using a recording from Greg Whitehead – If A Voice Like Then What (Ubuweb, 1985).

“I am fascinated by the voices of cities: one of the most amazing sounds of a city is the subway.

“I imagine a train asking with a human voice: “Do you want a voice like mine?” to each passenger.”

Memory version: