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Applause for the NHS all over the UK

Last week, the UK followed in the footsteps of many other countries by suggesting a show of appreciation and respect for its NHS healthcare workers in public at 8pm.

Unlike other countries, this has not become a daily occurrence yet, but people came out in their thousands on 26 March to applaud the National Health Service – with sounds ranging from polite applause through to car horns, fireworks, singing, shouting and musical accompaniment.

Our #StayHomeSounds project tracked some of these sounds across the United Kingdom – here are some of the highlights.

Oxford, England

” It was a genuinely moving moment, bringing a sense of community among neighbours who see each other every day but who may not usually get the chance to speak to one another, and to feel part of something bigger – that all over the country, this tribute was happening at the same time.”

Ullapool, Scotland

Recorded by David Falconer:”The clip starts with someone clapping using the rigging of a yacht in the harbour.

“The main section is the people in our group of houses standing in the road (maintaining a safe distance!) clapping – and then being distracted by a puppy! Finally you can hear other groups in the village clapping in the distance and also the church bell being rung.”

Willesden Green, London, England

Recorded by Daniel Higgott: “This audio was recorded at 8pm, Thursday 26th March 2020, as the whole of the UK was encouraged to give a round of applause to all the National Heath Service workers, who are helping to keep people alive who are suffering with Covid-19.”

Leigh on Sea, England

Recorded by Emma Paterson: “This was my road clapping to support our amazing NHS. It got a little rowdy towards the end with fireworks (which I’m not sure I captured) – but such a great turnout from the street and very emotional!”

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Recorded by Aidan Geery:

Brighton, UK

Recorded by Peter Myson: