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Lockdown sounds: cheering the police in Lima, Peru

Our #StayHomeSounds project is charting the sounds and stories from the global coronavirus lockdown – there have been some incredible stories coming through already, so we’re going to share one every day with you.

We start in Peru, with Cesar Callirgos, who writes:

“I am in Lima, Peru and we are in a 15-day lockdown. We can only go out to buy food and medicine between 5 am and 8 pm. After that no one can go out.

“We are ok for now but I don’t how what will happen if the government extends the lockdown. That will bring  huge consequences for the economy for everyone especially for artists like me and my wife.

“This recording was made from my  apartment window on the 7th floor, around 8 pm when the curfew begins. You can hear people cheering to encourage the police and the doctors that are working to fight the virus.

“It was made with a Sony PCM-D100 recorder using its internal mics, no editing or eq just fade in and out.”