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Sounds for Lifting Hearts – a free album for you

In these strange and unsettling times all over the world, we all need a little something to brighten up our day, however small it might be.

Today we’re releasing a special new album Sounds for Lifting Hearts ❤️, a compilation of some the most beautiful recordings from Cities and Memory.

Please download it for free, share it with your friends and we hope these sounds can bring a ray of sunshine into your day ☀️👇

Sounds for Lifting Hearts is divided into two sections – from the natural and the man-made world, bringing the outdoors to your indoors.

In the first half, you’ll hear the call of nightingales, a beautiful dawn chorus, flowing rivers, forests teeming with life and waves crashing onto the beach.

In the second part, you can listen to bells from the rooftops of Venice, old-time jazz on the streets of Paris, beautiful calls to prayer from Jerusalem, brass bands, flamenco and cathedral choirs.

We hope the sounds bring you some joy, and that you’re all staying safe and healthy.