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Open call – help us reimagine the treasures of the Smithsonian!

During February 2020, the Smithsonian Institute – the world’s largest museum complex, with more than 154 million items – made 2.8 million images from its collection freely available into the public domain.

Our latest open call –  Smithsonian Treasures – asks sound artists and musicians all over the world to get inspired by the Smithsonian’s collection, producing a series of compositions based on individual works – reimagining images and scenes of history, art, science and culture through sound.

How can I take part?

If you’re interested in taking part in Smithsonian Treasures, please get in touch!

We will then send you a hand-picked selection of Smithsonian items to choose from – all chosen for the fascinating stories behind them and their particular place in history.

The callout for compositions will run throughout April, with a project launch following in late Spring – some creative inspiration for times spent in lockdown, perhaps!