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Open call – reimagine the sounds of the coronavirus lockdown

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been collecting and presenting the sounds of the global coronavirus lockdown, from applause for health workers and anti-coronavirus songs to the reemergence of nature and the silence of deserted spaces.

Now, we’re moving the StayHomeSounds project to its next stage – and we need your help!

We’re looking for artists and musicians to reimagine and remix the sounds of the lockdown, bringing in your own experience, memories and perspective to create a whole new artistic take on what the lockdown means globally.

Want to get involved? Get in touch now!

Sounds are particularly fascinating right now, as with so much of our lives in lockdown, the world hasn’t sounded quite like this during our lifetimes – whether it’s something simple like less traffic and more quiet, or how you can hear more birdsong and wildlife, through to how people are coming together through song and music.

We hope that the reimagined sounds will bring a whole new set of perspectives and reflections on the Covid-19 lockdown, and some inspiring compositions – we can’t wait to hear yours!

How it works

1. Get in touch with us and we’ll send you a list of the available lockdown sounds

2. Choose TWO SOUNDS you’d like to work with in order of preference

3. We will let you know which sound is available and allocated one sound to you to work with (we’ll try to give you your first choice!)

4. You then submit your finished composition to the project when it’s finished – within three weeks of receipt.

5. The project is ongoing, so we will be adding and highlighting the recomposed pieces as they come in – a rolling project of brand new sounds!


Submit a recording to #StayHomeSounds

The project is still very much open for new field recordings from wherever you are in the world too!

Please submit your sounds and stories from the Covid-19 lockdown here – we’d love to know how it sounds wherever you are, and to share your accompanying stories as the whole world adjusts to the coronavirus pandemic. 

You don’t have to record with specialist sound equipment – a quick mobile phone recording from your home is also great!

NB. Please DON’T go out specially to record sounds in other places for this project – a recording from your own safe home environment is just perfect! If you’ve been advised to stay home, please keep doing so.