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Italy rings in a new year

Today we’re ringing in the new year!

The traditional morning bells ring out across every town in Italy on New Year’s Day, as every individual campanile chimes in its own distinctive way, as recognisable and unique as a fingerprint, or the lines on the back of a hand to the citizens of every town and village across the country.

Here, we’ve recorded the New Year bells in the small town of Abbazia Pisani in Veneto on a crisp January 1st morning.

City version:

Marc van de Griendt has reimagined the sound of these new year bells from Abbazia Pisani in this beautiful new composition:

“Started by slicing together the not-quite-silences and random noises that lay between and around the bells in the original recording, then (slightly, and with apologies to the ringers) restructured elements of the peal, after which a piano melody wove itself through and around both.”

Memory version: