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Two new Cities and Memory albums out today!

None of us are able to do much travelling at the moment, so for the last few weeks we’ve been releasing a series of free albums showcasing some of our favourite reimagined sounds and field recordings from all over the world.

Today we’re proud to launch two albums for your enjoyment – Sounds from Germany and #StayHomeSounds Volume 2.

Please download them for free, share them with your friends and we hope you enjoy the sounds!

In Sounds from Germany, you can hear some of our favourite reimagined and recomposed sounds from Berlin to Bremen – as well as the original field recordings that inspired them. The album includes:

  • Bremen’s spectacular 20-bell musical midday show in the old city
  • Mass anti-ISIS protests on the streets of Hamburg
  • The unique Willkommhoeft – welcoming ships into port with a unique broadcast
  • Forest-bathing in lush German woods
  • Epic church sounds from St. Petris Dom and Cologne Cathedral
  • Remixes of bustling life in Germany’s massive train stations.

#StayHomeSounds Volume 2 is the second volume of our albums compiling some of the highlights of the #StayHomeSounds project, which collects and presents the sounds of the global Covid-19 lockdown from all over the world.

We know that – along with sounds – everyone has their own story to tell, and in this collection of truly unique recordings you’ll find:

  • Black Lives Matters protests held at the centre of a global pandemic
  • Cheering the police from apartment windows in Peru
  • The eerie sounds of deserted major tourist attractions in New York and Barcelona
  • Sonic records of how people are beating isolation – by singing or even just howling!
  • Brand new sounds for our new world, including “stay at home” broadcasts
  • New song forms, written to help ward off the coronavirus