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Listening to the inside of the Eiffel Tower

Here we have a very special recording from Colin Hunter – one that allows us to hear inside the Eiffel Tower:

“This recording was made using a sensitive geophone originally designed for seismic measurements that has been adjusted for field recording purposes.

“The geophone was attached directly on to the main structure of the Eiffel Tower in one of the stairwells using a magnetic adapter. Through the geophone we can hear the actual vibrations of the 324 metre iron structure.”

City version:

The reimagined sound goes even deeper into the structure of the tower:

“The original recording was fascinating and alien, the sounds of the vibrations through the structure of the tower speaking to an entirely new and different sound world beyond our normal capacity to hear.

“The reimagined piece expands on and dramatises that hidden sound world, imagining it to be populated by metallic whirs, heavy clunks and the sounds of machinery whose purpose is not known to us.

“The Eiffel Tower awakes, but no one hears it.”

Memory version:


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