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Repainting Cromarty Beach

A peaceful field recording from Scotland by Jessa Davies – this is the sound of the waves at Cromarty beach recorded in the summer of 2020.

The faint hum of work on the retired oil rigs in the Firth can be heard.

City version:

For the reimagined piece, the natural rhythm of the waves on Cromarty beach informed the backbone of this composition, with a Badalamenti-inspired delayed acoustic guitar picking out a pulse to match the repetitive beauty of the waves.

The guitar line is joined by other, more effected versions as the pieces goes on, the heavier effects representing the waves finally breaking on shore as they move into the land.

The piece is underscored by some effected cello and woodwind lines, which occupy the lower end and represent the low-end sound of the rigs from the original recording – really, it’s a re-painting of the original recording through music.

Memory version: