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Open call – we need your travel sounds!

Almost a year has passed since the first global Covid-19 lockdowns, and the world of travel changed completely for us all.

That’s why our latest global project, Until We Travel, aims to showcase the sounds of travel both as a record of how much the sounds of our world have changed in the past 12 months, and as a celebration of a potential return to a world in which we’re able to travel to new places and visit and connect with loved ones once again.

So we’re looking for your recordings of the sounds of travel, whether it’s the roar of aircraft engines, the hubbub of a busy railway station or everyday life on public transport.

The sounds can – of course! – be from before the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’d also welcome any sounds of how travel has changed during the last year too.

To submit a recording, you can send it via this form.

Recording specifications:

  • Any field recording of a form of travel, for instance airports, railway stations, subway stations, or on board a train, aeroplane or bus
  • WAV format, maximum 20 minutes long
  • With location coordinates and a brief description of the recording

Remixing the sounds of travel

For the second part of the project, during March we’ll be asking artists all over the world to remix and reimagine the sounds of travel, using their own experiences, memories and emotional responses to travelling as inspiration.

If you’d be interested in reimagining one of the sounds of travel, get in touch and we will send you sounds to choose from in a couple of weeks from now.