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Hauntology in Haiti

Haiti becomes the 104th country and territory to be reflected on our global sound map with this recording from a rural spot near Fontaine in Haiti by Connor Orrico, featuring children playing, mobile music, breakfast and the sound of a water pump.

City version:

What stood out from the original recording was the sound of children playing in a carefree way, without doubt the outstanding moment from the source material.

Taking as a rough starting point the wistful melancholia and hauntology of the now-defunct Hood, we wondered how this recording might have ended up if it had featured on one of their albums. This led to starting off with a couple of interlacing acoustic guitar patterns with lots of space in them, allowing a sample of the children from the original recording to poke through and take its place as an essential part of the soundscape.

Following on from here, the piece grew organically, with the addition of a smooth, simple bassline, and final embellishments from multiple layers of effected guitar and strings to add an emotional lift in the second half. We wanted something that ultimately felt hopeful and even a shade sentimental, but with a clear undercurrent of longing.

Memory version: