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Put the needle on the record

What does the sound of a luggage bag being dragged along mean to you? For Loz Colbert, who performs with the band RIDE, it became a document of life travelling as a musician, as he told us when he sent this field recording from Paris:

“”I recorded the sound of my luggage bag on various streets around the world on the RIDE USA/European tour 2019/2020. The idea being that as it was dragged, it was like a stylus playing a record.

“February 13th 2020 was the last time we played to a live audience.”

City version:

Following on from that idea around the luggage bag as a stylus, Loz reimagined his own recording:

“Most of the luggage field recordings were left untouched, but with this recording taken in Paris around midnight on February 13th, I imagined the grooves of the street triggering sounds of ‘real’ instruments. This was done using processes in Ableton Live.”

Memory version:

And here’s a video made for the track: