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In Zealandia

Let’s take a trip to the charmingly-named Zealandia nature reserve outside Wellington, New Zealand, for this natural soundscape recorded by Richard Watts: “Zealandia is a nature reserve in Wellington – in this field recording, you can hear lots of cicadas and various birds including a Tūī.”

City version:

Zealandia was reimagined by Eulipion Corps, who wrote the following about their quite lovely piece:

“The field recording was so compelling I knew it had to be the dominant force in the composition. I recorded with my father on clarinet and myself on various synths and percussion.

“Our approach was to use the field recording as a portal; allowing us to join the conversation happening at the nature reserve.”

Memory version:

Zealandia image by Judi Lapsley Miller
Zealandia image by Judi Lapsley Miller