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Kill The Bill – protest sounds from 2021

Let’s tun in to a field recording by Bobby Jewell from the Kill The Bill protest in Parliament Square, London on 2 April 2021. Bobby told us the following:

“This recording was taken at the London Day of Action, as part of the National Weekend of Action in protest against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill being pushed through by the UK Conservative government. The bill seeks to ban peaceful protest in an authoritarian clamp down on basic political freedoms in England and Wales.

“The protest on Saturday 2 April in London featured a number of left wing groups and was predominantly led by young people. Despite being peaceful, good-natured and musical throughout the protest led to kettling, arrests and unnecessary violence by Metropolitan Police, including those of legal observers.”
City version:

Tom Thompson reimagined this protest sound, and writes of his piece:

“I was drawn to the energy of the crowd noise and rhythmic chanting.

“I decided to incorporate the sounds as both a sonic centre and the bridge-passage of this asynchronous loop-based composition.”

Memory version: