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Armistice day

We’re in Berendrecht, Belgium, in November 2021, listening in to an armistice commemoration service recorded by Tony Van Dorst, who describes the scene: “”The local fanfare ‘Koninklijke Fanfare Willen is Kunnen’ from Berendrecht is participating in the yearly Armistice Commemoration.”

ILUITEQ from Italy have reimagined this Belgian armistice commemoration into a moment of celebration in this reimagined composition:

“Late spring is the period of the year in which many celebrations take place all over Italy: religious feasts, country fairs, weddings.

“The field recordings of a marching band, the church bells, the applause and the joy of the crowd are all blended in an airy and dreamy soundscape.

“Glimpses of a celebration day, marking the end of a long winter and saluting a new spring of life.”

Memory version:

Listen to an excerpt from the piece in this video clip: