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Rise in love – midday in the Azores

For today’s field recording, we’re taking a trip to the Igreja Matriz de Sao Sebastiao church in Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel, the Azores), where church bells ring out and play their daily melody at midday, taking their place among the sounds of daily life in the town.

City version:

Micca reimagined this sound into a composition called “Rise in Love”, with the story behind the reimagined piece told below.

Memory version:

“The inspiration behind this piece was the story of the Phoenix, the immortal bird associated with Greek mythology, which symbolizes rebirth and new purpose in a never-ending cycle. Its imagery of passion, love, will, creativity and life remind us that we have within us the fire and resources to heal and become new again.

“This track was created with the help of my friend Nico Meyering, an amazing sound engineer.

“A field recording that I used combines sounds of nature and bells sounds, which both can be beneficial to our health and well-being.

“As part of the culture, practice and religious ceremonies, the sound of bells holds special meanings. Looking into the ancient past, bells were sounded to bring people to congregate and participate in rituals and ceremonies. Until today such practices are still upheld.

“The sound of bells is often used in sound therapy, it’s believed to help to manage a broad range of health conditions.

“Nature sounds can be an important part of our lives. They are great for relaxation, can boost mood, decrease stress, enhance nervous system function, and improve focus and concentration. Immersing in the sounds of nature and a green environment has often been linked with well-being.

“I believe we and our cities can only be healthy if we connect and harmonize together and with nature.

“Birdsong and bell sound have been turned into pads and tuned to an A-minor scale and harmonic frequencies of 222, 444, and 888 Hz. A melodic structure of the track has been created by resampling the birdsong and another bell sound.

“Together with Nico, I added other sounds to create a piece made of two sections: a darker one and a brighter one to honour the cycles of life and nature and bring a message of hope to the world: that no matter what you are struggling with, poverty, conflict, ill health, climate change, or individual mental health struggles such as depression or loneliness, together as a collective or as individuals, every one of us can rise, be reborn, and start over.

“If you resonate with this soundtrack, you have become aware of your deepest energies vibrating from those life-crushing pressures, but then become self-renewing as life goes on. The uplifting sounds take you back to love and hope.
I hope that listening will create within you a new sense of well-being and possibility.”