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Open call – join our project Music for Sleep

Today we’re excited to launch the first stage of our new global project, Music for Sleep – and we’d love you to be a part of it!

Music for Sleep is a collaboration between artists and field recordists to create a worldwide, wide-ranging collection of precious compositions specifically designed to induce, aid and boost sleep.

We’re looking for field recordings around the themes of tranquillity, restfulness and sleep, and artists who would like to approach the challenge of developing a composition designed to aid sleep.

Join the project

Submit your recordings

We are currently seeking field recordings from all over the world that reflect your interpretation of sleep, rest and tranquillity – these restful soundscapes could be drawn from the natural world or man-made sounds, rural or urban.

Whether it’s birdsong, crashing waves, chiming bells, jungles and forests teeming with life, a city sleeping at night, the recordings simply need to represent your own interpretation of relaxation, peacefulness or sleep, and can be from anywhere in the world.

Submit your recordings at this link by Friday 30 June: 

Join as an artist

If you’re an artist who’d like to join the waitlist for creating a sleep-themed composition, just add your name here and we will contact you when the recordings are available in a few weeks: 

Find out more about the project here.